Stark Pursuit Q-Lab

We are always in the lab tinkering.

The demand for many products we have been developing and showing off has been vocal and persistent. But the costs and time to bring each one to market as a fully fleshed out and mass-produced product is often not justified as these are niche applications. So, to answer your calls and fill the niches, we are giving you the option to try these cool toys out for yourself the same way we are. In many casese this means 3D printed parts, cast urethane parts, or machined from blocks of plastic vs being cast. These processes are intended for low-volume production, and often the level of finish or strength doesn’t quite match properties that can be reached through mass-production. However, everything we develop and put on the Q-lab will have the required properties to work for this sport, and handle their fair share of field abuse.

Click here for in-depth notes and guidelines. 

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