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ZetaMag Follower Replacement Instructions:

WARNING: DO NOT DRY RELEASE THE FOLLOWERS. Followers are designed to push paintballs and First Strike rounds. Dry releasing will result in damaging follower parts. If you need to test release, pad the impact with the loading rod inserted into the channel. 

Tools needed

  • Small Flat head screw driver
  • Small Philips head screw driver
  1. Locate and remove both screws with flat head screw driver; located on the top and bottom of the ZetaMag.
  2. Chose a single channel to begin; Locate tabs on the side of channel. 
  3. Without dividing the shell completely, using a flat head screw driver, carefully separate the channel seem by starting at the top and only separating the first three tabs on that channel. (DO NOT separate ZetaMag completely.)
  4. Carefully remove the follower along with spring (if also being replaced) by holding detent in the downward position while pulling the follower and spring out.
  5. Exchange old follower with new replacement follower and spring (if applicable) .
  6. Place new spring inside the open channel 
  7. Place the new follower with the hook inside of the spring.
  8. Push follower past the detent allowing the follower to lock in place. (Make sure the Follower is oriented to match the channel shape)
  9. Gently squeeze shell together until tabs snap back into place.
  10. Repeat steps (3-9) on the opposite channel. (if servicing both channels)
  11. Gently place the screws back in the appropriate location by hand and slowly turn to the right until hand tight, DO NOT over tighten. (If there is resistance remove and try again. Screws should be flush with shell )