ZetaMag Details

The versatile ZetaMag is a high-capacity, twin-channel, reversible magazine for paintball pistols and SMGs, including (but not limited to) the Tippmann TPX/TiPX, TCR, MagFed Adapter, QLab Zeta adapters, and now the highly anticipated Milsig m17 SMG.

Containing two ten-round stacks of .68 caliber paint (spherical or shaped projectile), the ZetaMag is designed to feed from one channel, and then be rotated vertically on the Z-axis to feed a second full stack. By having 20 rounds available in the space of a single magazine we have effectively tripled the capacity of the default TiPX mag, yet only extending the length by four inches.

Over two years of development, the ZetaMag team has gone through great lengths, numerous iterations and challenges, in honing in the best possible extended magazine. The result is a rugged, self-contained product able to hold a large capacity of diverse rounds, without compromising on structural integrity. Features like stronger stainless steel springs for better retention and delivery, as well as an omni-protective “Dust-Boot”, are just a few indications of the thoughtfulness applied in the design.

The ZetaMag answers the call for extended mags and delivers more than what was asked for. 

The newly refined ZetaMag, (3rd Generation) delivers the best performing, and most versatile ZetaMag yet.  

New improvements include:

  • Chamfered Bezels
 - The top notch now features exciting new chamfering technology to reduce the potential for mag catches to get stuck in the wrong spot.

  • Spring Buffers
 - The springs now feature support buffers at the base to increase locking stability  and reduce chances of unintended release.

  • Strong Followers - 
The mini followers are reinforced so they can better sustain high-G impacts.

  • Improved “last-ball” feeding -
 Followers extend slightly higher to ensure that the final round is fully chambered in more situations.

  • Detent Upgrade -
 The detents now feature new geometry that grabs paint and fins alike. Detent-springs are under more pressure to grab rounds, and released magazines will eject with more force.

  • More Compatibility - 
Additional mag-catch points to interface with the Milsig SMG

WARNING: DO NOT DRY RELEASE THE FOLLOWERS. Followers are designed to push paintballs and First Strike rounds. Dry releasing will result in damaging follower parts. If you need to test release, pad the impact with the loading rod inserted into the channel. 

* New Features specifically designed for 3rd Generation


  • Twin-Channel, Extended Paintball Magazine 
  • Z-Axis Reversible™ (Feed from either end)
  • High-Capacity, up to 20 Rounds (10+10)
  • Manual lock/release follower for more control over stack pressure
  • Internal Stainless steel springs (Water-safe. No Rusting, excluding Main Follower Plain Straight Steel spring)
  • Plain Straight Steel main follower springs with improved performance
  • Extended detent design to ensure inverted paint retention
  • Speed Bevels on loading ends for smoother reloading
  • Enhanced ribs for better grip
  • Includes FREE Dust Boot and Loading Rod in each package
  • Ideal for Machine Pistol & SMG aesthetic


  • Tippmann TiPX Pistol
  • Tippmann TCR
  • Tippmann MagFed Adapter (Designed by Stark Pursuit) 
  • Milsg M17 SMG
  • Other paintball markers (with adapters coming soon)  
  • FirstStrike™ 


  • MSRP $25 
  • 3 magazines-in-one (Approximately three times TiPX TruFeed mag capacity)
  • Cost capacity space per round: $1.25/Round (Compared to TiPX TruFeed $2.14/round.)

Tech Specs

  • High-impact durable copolymer 
  • Weight (Mag): 3.2oz / 0.2 lb / 90.7g 
  • Weight (Total Package): 6oz / 0.375 lb / 170.1g 
  • Dimensions (Mag): 1.8"x9.5"x0.9" 
  • Dimensions (Total Package): 12"x4"x1"

Dust Boot

  • Omniprotective layer to cover feeding ends of ZetaMag from dirt and debris (Optional)
  • Adds additional retention support of inverted ammunition
  • Lanyard eyelet
  • Flexible Rubber Polymer 
  • Secures firmly to ZetaMag ends

Loading Rod

  • Designated tool for locking down follower
  • Specifically designed to apply equal pressure on the ZetaMag follower
  • Rigid High-Impact Polymer
  • Rounded tip optimized for Gen 2/3 Followers

Designed by Stark Pursuit®, USA

Manufactured in partnership with MILSIG Industries® (Taiwan)

Warning! Internals under tension.

Do not fully disassemble this magazine or perform any maintenance other than that specified by Stark Pursuit for your ZetaMag. For service, please contact an authorized dealer or email support@starkpursuit.com

 Package Contents

1 ZetaMag
1 Dust-Boot
1 Loading Rod

 Usage Directions


  1. Hold follower release button in the upward position. Using the supplied loading rod, carefully press down on the follower until it locks at the bottom of the magazine-channel. Remove rod.* 
  2. Load the magazine channel with 10 .68 caliber rounds (spherical or shaped projectile)
  3. Repeat loading-steps 1 & 2 with alternate channel to fully load the magazine.


  1. When ready, insert loaded ZetaMag into a compatible marker magwell. Either channel may be used.
  2. Activate the magazine by pulling down on the follower release. The rounds will now feed into the marker to be fired.
  3. When the first channel is empty, eject and flip ZetaMag, vertically on Z-axis and repeat firing-steps 1 & 2. 
  4. Once both channels are empty, eject and replace with a loaded Zetamag. 


* NOTE: Pushing the follower down by any means or tools other than with supplied loading rod may damage follower spring and cause malfunction. Do not use excessive force. If follower does not lock on the first attempt, fully retract loading rod and retry. Forcing the follower may permanently damage spring.

Optional Dust Boot:
The dust boot provides an extra level of protection for the bottom facing channel of the mag. It is recommended that the operator secure the dust-boot to marker or wrist to avoid loss during constant play.

To clean magazine, submerge and rinse ZetaMag with warm soapy water. Shake out excess water and let air dry.

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